Lost Lost

Before Lost issues its final boarding call, ABC is looking to make some serious bank.

A 30-second commercial during the show's series finale will cost $850,000 to $950,000, Advertising Age reports, quoting media buyers.

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To put that in perspective, the show has sold for an average of $213,563 per half-minute. Major TV events with the highest ad rates — say, the Oscars and the Super Bowl — charge north of $1 million for 30-second spots.

Then again, charging more for a series finale is nothing new. Seinfeld, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond all charged $1 million-plus for 30-second spots in their series send-offs.

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An ABC rep wouldn't comment on the network's financial matters.

The three-hour series finale, on Sunday, May 23, starts with a one-hour recap show at 8/7c followed by the final two-hour episode.