Lost Lost

As the saying goes in the Lost-verse, dead is dead.

TVGuide.com has confirmed that Daniel Faraday is, in fact, dead, despite the somewhat ambiguous ending to Wednesday's episode, "The Variable," and that actor Jeremy Davies is no longer a member of the show's full-time cast.

Plot-wise, Faraday's death is particularly pointed. Not only was he gunned down by his own, 1977-era mother, but he also realized, as he took his last breath, that his 2007-era mother encouraged him to travel to the island, perhaps with the knowledge that the trip would end in his passing. Further, just before his murder, he laid out an elaborate plan to detonate a hydrogen bomb in order to save the island and its time-traveling occupants. (Read our complete recap here.) The fifth season culminates in a two-hour finale episode on May 13.

What still remains to be seen is what kind of dead Faraday is: Charlie dead, Michael dead or Locke dead? Any thoughts?

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