The Loop
Wow, considering last nights main plot point, Im gonna have a little trouble keeping this thing PG-rated. Whats that you say? You missed the episode? Well, suffice it to say it involved Sam suffering a groin injury and a treatment method that prompted Lizzy to ask, You want riverboat-style or regular? Thats the line, folks. I aint crossing it. Besides this little bit of naughtiness at the hands ha! of the smokin-hot Sarah Mason, last nights ep was so-so, mostly because the show seems to be repeating itself. Sure, all TV shows have a formula to which they adhere pretty consistently, but the whole Sam screws up big, then saves the day completely unintentionally thing has officially become old. This is goofball comedy, people! Must it be this predictable? Shake it up a little, utilize the full talents of

Eric Christian Olsen and Bret Harrison and well be in business. Not that last night didnt have its good moments Sully, Lizzy and Piper arguing over who got to treat Sam was chuckle-inducing, as was Darcys acrid morning greeting the girl never disappoints. Alas, there was also the obligatory Brokeback Mountain joke at Russ ranch hey, everybody else is doing it though Im still trying to figure out how you can drive 10 minutes outside of Chicago and find yourself on a horse ranch. Windy citizens, make yourselves heard: fact or fiction?