Question: You looked absolutely awesome on the red carpet for the Emmys. I saw you in the background of the E! preshow. Now, after that shameless intro, I was hoping to score some Veronica Mars scoop.

Answer: And Veronica Mars scoop you shall receive. I asked Rob Thomas whether Piz, the new hottie in Veronica's life this season, will pose a serious threat for LoVe. "I think Veronica and Logan's struggles are going to have little to do with Piz. They're two pretty intense characters on their own, and I think most of their issues are going to be with each other. I don't want to play some traditional thing where Piz is insinuating himself into the relationship, or attempting to break them up, or doing anything other than being a nice guy who happens to be around Veronica a lot, due largely to proximity, but they also get entangled in a couple of cases together. Logan should just be worried about Logan." Piz, meanwhile, is "from a suburb of Portland, Oregon. With all the sort of brooding, rich bad boys we've had on our show, he's sort of the antithesis of that. He's much more a Lloyd Dobler, frenetic kid with a lot of words in his mouth, and a very similar middle-class background as Veronica. So he should have a real different energy than, say, Troy or Logan." BTW, check out my column in this week's issue of TV Guide to get your first look at Piz (aka up-and-comer Chris Lowell) on Mars. If you're straight and female or gay and male, I think you'll be pleased with what you see.