Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/ Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/

Will Lindsay Lohan's DUI and subsequent rehab stint cost her a plum modeling gig? The New York Daily News hears that a massive ad campaign for Jill Stuart featuring LiLo as the fall(en?) face of the brand, is in jeopardy, now that influential Japanese licensees have taken umbrage at the starlet's sordid escapades. "The day Lindsay appeared on the front page of the newspaper crashed out in the front seat of the SUV, the Japanese informed [Jill Stuart CEO] Ron Curtis they no longer wanted to be involved," a source tells the News. "And they are the ones who financed the campaign."

Curtis himself maintains, "The ads are running as planned" in "all of the major lifestyle fashion magazines... in Asia and the U.S.," adding, "We have the utmost support for Lindsay and her rehabilitation. She is doing great."

But just in case, does Grey Goose need a pitchperson?