8:33: Ellen DeGeneres wings it till the prompter guy wakes up. You couldn't ask a Seacrest to pull that off. 8:34: It's a montage of late-night one-liners.

8:37: The guys from Entourage are presenting Best Supporting Actress, Drama, with Eva Longoria, which she jokes is appropriate because "no one's supported more actresses than these guys." 8:39: "S--t!" Katherine Heigl mouths when she wins. "Thanks for getting my name right," she says once she gets on stage. Oh, her poor mom. They cut to her right after KH announces that she told her she didn't stand a chance of winning. 8:40: Now Heigl is blathering on about her fellow nominees. Cue the music. Ah, there it is. The red lipstick is a bit much. 8:41: Molly who? Jon "Duckie" Cryer gets to present with Jennifer Love Hewitt. 8:42: Ooh, Variety Series Writing. Those are always funny because the writers submit their own taped gags. Bill Maher's Real Time scribes very naughtily spoof Larry Craig's bathroom antics. 8:44: Conan's team takes the gold. Why isn't he hosting? The top dog has a speech, he says, because "Katherine Heigl's mother said we'd win."