10:51: William Shatner and Debra Messing halfheartedly joke that they were going to do a duet, but she wouldn't carry his love child? I know. I didn't get it either. 10:52: Yay! America Ferrera wins Best Actress, Comedy! And her boyfriend is cute, too! Oh, the whole

Betty cast is in the bad seats except for her. Embarrassing. 10:53: Y'know, everybody always says America's really beautiful, but uh, she's really just not Betty is all. 10:54: Jimmy Smits and Kate Walsh are plugging their new series. It's as lame as that time Macy Gray showed up at an awards show with her album release date written across her dress. 10:55: Michelle Heller thinks I've been sharing my champers with Kate. As if. (I don't share. Also, I ran out during the parade of dead people.) 10:56: James Spader wins best actor in a drama, and he knows The Sopranos aren't happy about it. Luckily, he's wearing glasses, so they can't deck him. He's kvetching about his seat, too. Is it just me, or is he slowly beginning to morph into Andrew McCarthy?