9:36: Kyra Sedgwick, Glenn Close and Mary-Louise Parker are thanking cable for creating badass roles for women. I'll second that emotion. Go, cable!
Mary-Louise should've stood in the middle to break up all the blackness of Kyra and Glenn's dresses with her red.

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee just won best TV-movie, and I almost missed it because I was rearranging the actresses on stage in my mind. I'm so shallow. 9:38: Joe Mantegna says it may surprise people "with my Danish looks" that he's Italian. Natch, this leads to a Sopranos tribute. But oddly, it has been linked to Broadway's Jersey Boys. Whatever. Those guys can sing! And unlike a certain pop tart who was once rumored to have been making an appearance at the ceremony, they clearly attended rehearsals without margaritas. 9:40: The clips of The Sopranos are so far in the background in the auditorium that they're almost incidental to the performance on stage. This could be the Tonys. Which Emmy can't possibly want. Don't the ratings for the Tonys usually suck lemons? 9:42: I'm not sure, but I think the Jersey Boys just proclaimed their love to one another. Well, they'll make a cute couple. All, um, three of them. 9:43: Night of the living dead! The cast of The Sopranos is trudging on stage. Man, it must be crummy to be sitting behind them. You get the wave, and that's about it. 9:44: Wait. All 498 of them got marched on stage for... let me get this straight. Nothing? What? To prove they were all there. OMG, Dick Clark would never have let this kind of nonsense go on.