Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan says she's ready to earn people's respect.

"I've made a lot of poor decisions in the past and I'm dealing with those consequences of those decisions," Lohan told Jay Leno on Tuesday's Tonight Show. "But I'm a fighter and I know I have to work to gain respect back."

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Lohan was sentenced on Friday to 120 days in county jail for her probation violation before being released on bail. "Good Friday not so good for me," she joked.

As Leno continued to push the 24-year-old actress on her troubled past, she admitted she was "shocked" and "numbed" by the sentencing, but couldn't discuss much more for legal reasons. The late-night host also asked what she wants to change most moving forward. "The public perception," Lohan answered. "I want public knowledge to be about my work, not about things I didn't get into this business for."

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Lohan, who was recently cast as opposite John Travolta in the film Gotti: Three Generations, revealed she actually met John Gotti when she was 3 years old. "That could be why you're in so much trouble," Leno responded.

Watch the interview below.