Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is suiting up for her gig on Anger Management, but it's just not the suit you might imagine.

On Monday, the actress began filming her guest spot on Charlie Sheen's FX comedy, which included her donning what appears to be a Sailor Moon-inspired outfit. Hoping this isn't part of the bedroom scene!

Lindsay Lohan slept with Charlie Sheen (for Anger Management scene)

Lohan and Sheen, who already filmed cameos as lovers for Scary Movie 5, once again hopped in bed together for the FX series. Lohan will play herself in the episode,  which will air in April, in which she begins seeing Sheen's character for therapy. Her story line will also draw inspiration from her real-life legal troubles and partying, including shooting a commercial for whiskey-infused gum.

(Full disclosure: is owned by a joint venture between Lionsgate, which produces Anger Management, and CBS.)

Will you be watching LiLo's guest stint?