Timothy Hutton and Cary Elwes Timothy Hutton and Cary Elwes

Timothy Hutton and the rest of Leverage's badass band of do-gooders have faced some pretty nasty foes in their four years of taking down the establishment. But when Season 5 premieres July 15, Psych veteran Cary Elwes will introduce them to a millionaire heavy who literally brings villainy to new heights.

"I play Scott Roemer, a very arrogant guy who owns an airline," says Elwes. "He cuts corners on the maintenance of his aircraft, causing a terrible accident that kills some of his employees. He obviously needs to learn a lesson, and that's where the Leverage team comes in."

But what's their plan? "Roemer's a big fan of Howard Hughes," hints the actor, "and they always use their baddies' weaknesses." They trick Roemer into believing they're going to help him buy Hughes' legendary plane, the Spruce Goose, from Oregon's Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum — and then teach him that right is the only way to fly.

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