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Lethal Weapon's On-Set Drama Was Crazier Than We Thought

Arguments, required naps and crew firings were details in an explosive report

Lindsay MacDonald

Grab your popcorn. The recent firing of Clayne Crawford from Fox's Lethal Weapon caught huge attention from fans and media alike, but today Variety exposed just how terrible things actual became behind the scenes of the show.

Warner Bros. Television decided not to renew Crawford's contract due to complaints against the actor for inappropriate behavior on set. Now, we have some concrete details about the "hostile work environment" he supposedly created thanks to an audio recording of Crawford and his co-star Damon Wayans right before they started filming a scene.

In it, Crawford says to Wayans, "You're the biggest crybaby p--y I've ever met in my life," to which Wayans replies, "Well suck this p-y's d-k." Crawford goes on to claim Wayans is only "in the game" because of his brothers, prompting more profanity from Wayans.

This exchange was apparently prompted by a stunt accident Wayans had during the episode Crawford directed. During a special-effects explosion, a piece of shrapnel struck Wayans in the back of the head, and Wayans held Crawford responsible for providing an unsafe work environment.

Lethal Weapon's Clayne Crawford Apologizes for Putting the Show in Jeopardy

In another incident included in the behind the scenes video, Crawford can be heard off screen yelling about background noise interrupting a scene on a supposedly closed set. According to Variety's sources, the noise that triggered Crawford's outburst was being made by children about 10-11 years of age in a pool nearby.

Crawford made a public apology for his behavior, but it was not enough to save his job. Luckily, his personal behavior didn't end up costing others their jobs, as we've recently seen can be the case with Roseanne. Lethal Weapon received a Season 3 renewal despite the controversy, and Sean William Scott has been cast to play a new character, who will partner with Wayans character, Murtaugh.

Other crew members claim Wayans was also troublesome on set, and a document from Wayans' assistant acquired by Variety showed that Wayans demanded food every two-and-half hours, and a nap after lunch. It should be noted that Wayans is diabetic. Wayans also allegedly bad-mouthed the show and his job repeatedly on set, causing some crew members to side with Crawford and his devotion -- which sometimes manifested in outbursts -- to the series and his job. Several crew members seen as pro-Crawford were fired between seasons in order to promote a more harmonious environment.

Lethal Weapon will return -- without Crawford -- Tuesdays this fall at 9/8c on Fox.

​Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans, Lethal Weapon

Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans, Lethal Weapon