Question: Let me just start by saying I am holding 10 Smurfs inches away from my garbage disposal. Give me some prattle on Grey's Anatomy or they get tossed in.

Answer: For all that is blue and holy, don't do it! Here's your Grey's poop: We're going to meet one of Derek's sisters early in the season and her presence will instantly drive a wedge between recently reunited lovahs Derek and Meredith. According to my spy, Derek's sib will sneak into his trailer and make herself comfy in his bed all while her bro is taking a shower. Naturally, a naked Derek steps out of the shower and discovers his sis in the sack at the precise moment Meredith walks in. Meredith assumes he's McCheating on her with the mystery hottie and flees before Derek has a chance to explain. Oh, the drama!