[Warning: The following contains major spoilers from Thursday's Legends of Tomorrow]

Legends of Tomorrow not only broke open their own mold in its first season finale, but has potentially opened a world of possibilities for all the CW superhero shows.

Patrick J. Adams appeared in the final moments of the episode to introduce himself as Rex Tyler a.k.a. Hourman — a member of the Justice Society of America. TVGuide.com breaks down what that reveal means for not only Legends but the rest of the CW superhero universe below.

Who is Rex Tyler?

In the DC canon, Rex Tyler is a scientist with a specialty in biochemistry who discovers a drug that gives him superhuman powers for one hour at a time, hence the name Hourman. The CW has reportedly been trying to develop a series around the superhero for years but he now has a home on Legends. There's room for Rex Tyler on the team with the departure of Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) but it has yet to be determined how large Adams' role on Legends will be considering his lead status on USA's Suits.

Why is the Justice Society of America Important?

In the comic books, the Justice Society of America is a precursor setup to the Justice League. Legends executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the Justice Society will play a large part in the show's second season. "We're planting a big flag that season 2 of Legends will not only feature the Legends of Tomorrow, but also the JSA," he said.

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Who is on the Justice Society of America?

Guggenheim was less forthcoming to EW about who would be joining the Justice Society, though there is a dream list of potential members. "Phil Klemmer, Geoff Johns, Dan Evans, and I sat down in a room at DC with a list, and it's a long list, of the members of the JSA. One of the more fun afternoons I've had recently is sitting down and actually composing our JSA lineup, our perfect JSA lineup. That was a blast to do."

The most notable member of the Justice Society is The Flash (Grant Gustin), but he of course already has his own show on the CW. However, The Flash also has Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) who could develop speedster abilities and open up the JSA. The CW also just acquired Supergirl and could make use of its Justice League founding member the Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) in the Justice Society set up.

What does the reveal mean for the CW superhero universe?

The building of the Justice Society would be a great catalyst for the epic crossover between all four CW superhero properties — Supergirl, Legends,The Flash and Arrow — which was promised during the network's Upfronts presentation on Thursday. All four shows would have a vested interest in — and potential members to add to — a council of superheroes that tackled threats that threatened all of humanity rather than just the respective cities of the flagship shows.

It would be an excuse to bring all four shows together and more often and bring more continuity within the CW's superhero universe.

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