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Though Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew is heading into its fourth season, there are still a few firsts for the show. For starters, the MTV hit is moving to a new day and time (Sunday, 9/8c) and will feature a crop of never-before-seen types of crews.

"Sometimes there are crews with a theme even though they're different, but this season, they're different all over the board," co-host Layla Kayleigh tells "We have our first real salsa, Latin crew. We have an all-African-American country group. They do line-dancing! We have our first all-gay male group with a transsexual in the group."

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That group, Vogue Evolution — comprised of four gay men and a trans woman who mix a "vogue" style of dancing with hip-hop — is not only going to stand out because of its distinct line-up, Kayleigh says, but also for the members' skills, which finally earned them a spot on the series two seasons after they first auditioned. "They worked their asses off and they came back," Kayleigh says. "I could see people's reactions [at the first episode taping], like, 'OK, maybe they'll be entertaining, but they're just on the show as a gimmick.' Then they blew the crowd away. They want to show a side of the gay community and inspire young gay men and women. I hope that resonates with them."Vogue Evolution wasn't the only group that made a return audition appearance. A member of the all-female crew We Are Heroes has tried out every season since moving to the United States from Japan to fulfill her dancing dreams. "She didn't speak any English then. I saw her yesterday and she's speaking English, and I felt so proud — just to see the growth of these dancers," Kayleigh says. "Moments like that make me really go, 'Wow. That's so great.'"

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We Are Heroes has what it takes to become the show's first all-female winner, Kayleigh says, but she won't play favorites or make predictions. Fans, however, are in store for a great season with "really cool and different challenges."

Another thing that's going to be different? The size of Kayleigh's belly. The British personality and her boyfriend Steve Covino are expecting their first child in November — and the baby is already showing some moves of its own in utero.

"With the music [playing], the baby was going crazy! I swear my baby is going to be a B-girl or a B-boy because it's dancing already," Kayleigh says. "It's going to come out of me doing headspins. I just know it!"