With nearly 300 episodes under its belt, Law & Order may soon be forced to rethink its long-held policy prohibiting interoffice hanky-panky. (We've seen more action on Touched by an Angel for chrissake!) In the meantime, a girl — in this case, castmember Elisabeth Rohm (ADA Serena Southerlyn) — can fantasize. Rohm believes Serena and Jack (Sam Waterston) would acquit themselves nicely in the sack.

"He's brilliant, and I think Serena identifies with people who are older than her," she tells TV Guide Online. "She wants to learn; she's a sponge. And she really looks up to him. So, she'd probably have an intellectual crush — not to mention that he's very cute and charming."

Of course, as Rohm's two years at One Life to Live taught her, there's no such thing as a consequenceless fling. And in the case of Serena and Jack, the stakes couldn't be any higher. "It would become just like Moonlighting," she sighs. "We would probably not get along that much [anymore]. In addition to having conflicts over these emotional cases, we would be intimate and have these feelings.

"It probably wouldn't be a real blown-out marriage," she adds. "It would just be like a messy courtroom event."

Workplace shenanigans aside, Rohm predicts that viewers will gain some insight into Serena's personal life next season. "I think next year you'll learn some things about my character and her maturity and her growth," she offers. "Now, we know a lot about her idealism and her hopefulness. So next year, hopefully, she'll mature and that'll expose some womanly qualities and more personal points of view."To read more about Law & Order's 300th episode celebration, pick up the current issue of TV Guide magazine, on newsstands now.