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Lauren Conrad is really having a bad week and it's only Wednesday! Just yesterday we discovered that L.A. boutique Kitson had dropped her new fashion line because "sales were lackluster," and L.C was not making a sufficient promotional effort. Then, to add insult to injury,

The Hills star's mysterious disappearance at a Tuesday-night charity event has done nothing but garner her tons of flack in the media - and we witnessed the debacle first hand! While at the Paws for Style fashion show in NYC (benefitting the Humane Society of New York), we waited alongside the press line for Conrad and her pup, the featured guest of the evening. Dressed in her own creation while carrying rescue dog Toby, L.C. posed for pap pics and chatted up reporters before the show began. (As a side note, she wouldn't budge when we asked her about her thoughts on Heidi's music. All she offered was she "hasn't heard" the tunes and "purposely didn't listen to them so that she wouldn't have an opinion.") But the real drama began when we arrived inside. The runway show began, but as guests (who paid $100 to stand and a few grand for a table) watched and waited for the headliner of the evening to end the event, Conrad was no where to be found. All the emcee could do was make light of the situation by saying reality stars could be "temperamental bitches." The oddest part came as we left the party and saw Conrad slip out the back door and into a black Town Car which proved she was, in fact, present for the runway portion... but chose not to partake in it. There's been no word back from Conrad's camp as to why she left so abruptly, but rumors have been swirling that she had a teary hissy-fit. Though we're waiting on an official statement from Animal Fair's editor-and-chief, Wendy Diamond, she did tell, "Her publicist didn't tell her it was a fashion show," and how rude the behavior was considering the Humane Society ponyed up about $10,000 to bring her here. "There's no cats here, so we didn't need any catfights." What do you think about the whole sitch? Could it have been that Lauren was misinformed about her responsibilities? Should she have just sucked it up and shown her face for another two minutes, since it was for charity? - Gina DiNunno