When Univision TV personality Sofia Vergara was cast as blonde bombshell Cici in Chasing Papi, she had her reservations. At first glance, she thought playing a vivacious, big-haired Charo wannabe would only serve to reinforce stereotypes. But with her over-the-top comedic antics, the Colombian native says she made something more of her role as the leader of a trio of women in love with the same man.

"It concerned me a little bit," she explains to TV Guide Online, "this cheesy Latin, who's loud, with the cleavage. Then you realize she really is the brains of the whole operation. But of course, she is a caricature."

The brunette spreads herself thin as a VJ, a model, a single mother and the founder of a charity for Colombian children. None of these careers even closely resembles her original, rather non-stereotypical ambition: "To tell you the truth, my plan was to be a dentist," she laughs. "I studied [dentistry] for three years in Colombia.

"I was born with the wrong body, I always say," adds Vergara, who made her acting debut last year in Barry Sonnenfeld's Big Trouble. "It hasn't let me do what I wanted to do. I started working in TV because I was getting so many opportunities to do it. I'd wake up in the morning and have to decide: Do I go to class or do I go and make money?"