You can watch the season premiere of Last Man Standing right now, if that's your thing. The comedy, which was rescued by the new Fox after ABC canceled it in 2017, surprised its fans by revealing the first episode of the new season is available on Twitter, of all places.

"Welcome Baxter" picks up a year after the events of season 6, with Mike (Tim Allen) and Vanessa (Nancy Travis) welcoming Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) home from the Air Force Academy. The episode also marks the debuts of new cast members Molly McCook and Jet Jurgenson, who replaced Molly Ephraim and Flynn Morrison as the new Mandy and Boyd.

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Though specific politics aren't mentioned in the premiere, the episode is political, especially when it comes to the current divide that's pulling families apart.

"What the first episode was really about, what was really important to us as storytellers and the people who are in the show, is that the country now — we've separated too much," executive producer Matt Berry explained at a screening of the premiere recently. "We've separated into camps and there's all these divisions. While this show is featuring a character that is unusual on TV and is from a conservative standpoint, the basis of this show is that it's a family. It's a family show. This is a family that loves each other and would do anything for each other... That speaks to something that needs to be said right now."

Officially, Last Man Standing's seventh season begins Sept. 28th on Fox.