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On Monday's episode of Today, Prison Break's Lane Garrison discussed his 22-month jail stay with Matt Lauer. It was billed as Garrison's "first sit-down" interview since getting out of jail in April 2009, which differentiates it from the stand-up interview he did with TMZ earlier this month. And that's on top of the gory details of his real-life prison experience he divulged to In Touch over a year ago. Garrison seemed content to play along and act like this was the first time he's really talked about his jail stay, going as far as to say he's kept quiet till now "out of respect for the family" of his victim. Hmmm.

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That's to say there's a sense of hoopla that accompanied this interview, especially because Garrison was talking about all of this on NBC, while appearing on NBC's The Event. If redemption was being used as promotion, at least Garrison did seem truly sorry for his crime (vehicular manslaughter of a 17-year-old as a result of drunk driving). He said he "absolutely, 100 percent" deserved to be in jail, and that he's using himself as an example of what not to do. He painted a grim picture that felt less like self-exploitation and more like a cautionary tale.

Watch Garrison's interview below. Do you think his intentions are good?