Jewel Staite, Jonathan Patrick Moore Jewel Staite, Jonathan Patrick Moore

After a finale that included blood, fire, pregnancy and heartbreak, The L.A. Complex is back.

When we last saw the residents of The Lux, Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) had been nearly beaten to death by his in-the-closet rap superstar boyfriend Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller), Abby (Cassie Steele) and Nick (Joe Dinicol) were officially a couple, Raquel (Jewel Staite) learned she was pregnant, Alicia (Chelan Simmons) booked the gig of a lifetime and Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) had purposely set his mansion on fire. When the series returns on Tuesday (9/8c, The CW), expect familiar faces to leave, newcomers to move in and immediate resolution to the freshman season's cliff-hangers.

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Check out five things to look forward to on The L.A. Complex Season 2.

1. Kal and Tariq come face-to-face
Kal's manager, lawyer and record company want make sure Tariq never speak about his beating by asking him to sign an agreement, which puts the former lovers back in the same room. Kal is his same hard self until he finally gets a moment alone with Tariq and breaks down. But the result of their conversation is both heartbreaking and possibly deadly.

2. Raquel will put off her pregnancy
What's a girl to do when she's knocked up? Ignore it apparently. Fortunately for Rachel, she's got Connor to keep her mind off things, but the emotional baggage between the two does not make for a healthy relationship. And considering their favorite pastime is drinking, Raquel will have to 'fess up about being with child soon.

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3. A new role for Connor
Connor responds to a call to meet with one of the town's hottest film stars (Krista Allen), but much to his surprise, the meeting between the two has nothing to do with acting — on screen, at least.

4. Alan Thicke
Need we say more? The Growing Pains alum joins the series as the star of a Christian series called Saving Grace. Abby, who's cast on his show, isn't quite the type of girl he's used to working with, but he has the power to make or break her career.

5. A new kid in town
In the premiere, viewers will meet Beth (Dayle McLeod) and her precocious little brother Simon (Michael Levinson) after Simon finds himself the lead part in a commercial. But while he just loves being in front of the camera, Beth is looking for a pay day to keep them off the streets.