Kaley Cuoco and Kunal Nayyar Kaley Cuoco and Kunal Nayyar

Kunal Nayyar is happy that his Big Bang Theory character finally got some drunken lovin' in last season's finale, but wishes he could have shown more during his "walk of shame."

"Hehe Raj's naked arm," Nayyar tweeted Thursday during the show's fifth season premiere as part of CBS' Tweet Week. "Wish I would have shown some nips."

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Although he didn't get to flash as much skin as his latently exhibitionist nature might have desired, he did reveal much, much more about himself, his co-stars and other behind-the-scenes secrets.

Here are our favorite tweets from Nayyar:

1. He's a fan of music. "I always sing the 'bang' for the [theme] song," he wrote. "I would not like to do a singing episode, I would leave that to the kids on Glee. I love to play guitar and drink beer and eat sausages. I love listening to all music, especially Radiohead and Swell Season, and of course Kanye West and Jay-Z."

2. His favorite episode involves even more drinking. "My favorite ep is the one when Raj first gets drunk and talks to Penny, aka the grasshopper."

3. He appreciates Amy's (Mayim Bialik) unique wisdom. "Amy's advice is always precious."

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4. The set is a huge, hilarious lovefest. "It is really tough to not break during the scene," he wrote. "I am the worst at it, I would say Johnny never breaks. The cast hangs out a lot on our off time, we are all very close. It feels very normal, like a day job that you love. We are all very, very blessed to be working."

5. There's more love ahead for Raj. "Raj will be going on a date with a hearing impaired lady."

6. Art does not imitate life. "I would say Jim [Parsons] is probably most close to his character, but he is still not like Sheldon at all."

7. The paintball scene was a nice departure for the cast. "The paintball scene was shot outside, we never go outside, when we do it's like a picnic," he tweeted. "You want to know a secret? The paintball was added in post.. the magic of movies. [The] paintball scene was shot in the back lot at WB. No public was [allowed]."

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8. Raj may get drunk, but Nayyar doesn't. "In the alcohol there is no alcohol, usually water with food coloring or apple [j]uice."

9. Raj is cordially invited. "Of course I will be at Howard and Bernie's wedding."

10. He's modest. "It is very strange watching myself on TV. I look twenty times fatter than I am in real life," he wrote, adding, "I have a brother who is handsomer than me."

11. He really does like to reveal himself. "I am watching at home with you guys, and I'm wearing no pants."