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Who Should Play Superman's Relatives on SyFy's Krypton?

Three words: Billy. Dee. Williams

Merrill Barr

SyFy's Superman prequel series Krypton, set decades before the planetary explosion that sent Superman rocketing to Earth, is heading to pilot. Since it was announced, fans have been wondering how Krypton would connect back to DC Comics' most recognizable hero; it turns out that most of the characters will have a direct lineage back to the big guy, including a part for Superman's grandpa. Now that we have some details about the main characters on the doomed planet, it's time to start picking a fantasy lineup of who should play each role. Who would you pick?

Syfy orders Krypton, but can it succeed without Superman?

The character: Seg-El
The description: A confident and athletic 20-something who's also Superman's grandfather.
Who should play him:
Option #1: Gregg Sulkin


Better known as Liam Booker on MTV's Faking It, Sulkin certainly has the right kind of look to play the role of Seg. He would also fit well into the on-going trend of casting unknown actors to play Superman. Sure, this isn't Superman, but maybe a blood relative deserves the same kind of treatment.

Or maybe...

Option #2: Tyler Posey


While he currently stars on MTV's Teen Wolf, Posey is soon going to find himself aged out of that role. So, while he's still fresh, now might be a great time to bring the man into the fold of another nerd-friendly genre series. Also, he'd probably enjoy not having to sit in a make-up chair for multiple hours per day on set.

The character:Ter-El
The description:Seg's father, a.k.a Superman's great grandfather.
Who should play him?
Option #1: Tom Welling


The older roles on the list are where we get to dream cast some cameos. One of those choices is Tom Welling, best known for playing Superman himself on The WB/CW series Smallville. Now entering his 40s, he's certainly in the right age group to make this one work.

Or maybe...

Option #2: Zachary Levi


One of the most notable geek-friendly actors on the planet, Levi has certainly had his fair share of heroic roles, including an appearance in Thor: The Dark World, and a starring role in cult favorite NBC series Chuck. He's got the cred and he's got the skills. Seems like a no brainer.

The character:Val-El
The description:A famous (and genius) Kryptonian explorer who also happens to be Seg's grandfather, a.k.a. Superman's great-great grandfather.
Who should play him:
Option #1: James Cromwell

Universal Pictures

Val-El calls for a wise old man who can act like a father figure to this cast, and Cromwell certainly fits that bill. Sure, he's had a few villainous turns recently, but remember, this is that same guy that melted hearts in Babe. He would absolutely own a wise elder role on Krypton.

Or maybe...

Option #2: Billy Dee Williams


Yeah, we're going there. Williams is a man with the kind of resume that would bring a real sense of respect to this show. This is a guy that broke barriers back in the 80s in Star Wars. A casting in Krypton will now give the world a chance to remember how awesome he can be. Also, wouldn't you want to live in a world where Lando Calrissian is a direct descendant of Superman?

Who do you think should play Superman's relatives?