Kelly Bruno Kelly Bruno

SHE PLAYS Herself, a 26-year-old medical student from Durham, North Carolina, who lost her leg to a birth defect. Kelly came to Survivor: Nicaragua prepared with a specially designed artificial limb. "I don't think my leg is going to be a factor," she told TV Guide Magazine before filming began in June. "I'm probably more physically fit than most of the people here."

WHY WE LOVE HER Kelly has already proven herself during demanding challenges, leaving her other tribe members to focus on her strategy. "[Kelly's leg] is going to bring up a lot of emotions, the first being pity," says host Jeff Probst. "They're going to feel sorry for her and [exhibit] all of these feelings that have nothing to do with Survivor."

AGAINST ALL ODDS So what's her plan on making it to the Final 3? "To find a good female ally, another strong girl," she said, and she seems to have found one in 23-year-old tribe mate Alina Wilson. "Working with someone who wants to be up against me is going to be the most difficult part."

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