I know Earl is technically supposed to be the messed up one who's done all the bad things, but who could blame him for No. 84, "Faked death to break up with a girl"? Yeah, personally, I like doing a lot of the same things as crazy Natalie, yet tonight I'm seeing how silly these pastimes are through Earl's eyes, especially after he thought she'd be a wild biker chick. Suddenly I agree with his observations on papier mâché ("She found a way to make newspapers even more boring"), on hikes ("I like going uphill. I wish we could go uphill on the way back") and on that weird nose-rubbing thing. It's a testament to Earl's fundamentally sweet nature that the only way he can be mean to her is by kicking flowers and peeing near their picnic. Even when he pretends to be cheating on Natalie, he gets into bed with Catalina fully clothed to do it.

As much as I admire Earl for his effort, Randy is hands-down the best character of the night. I don't have enough space here to quote an example of how he often "takes a long road to a simple thought," spewing long-winded observations about men and women and life and death in an almost Socratic philosophical style. He gives professional-sounding advice about flower arrangement, then turns around and talks about the "monkey" in E.T. He owns a "stealing jacket," and high-pitched squeaking sounds make his toes hurt. He kind of makes me wish I could live a simpler life and share his sense of wonder at things like candy dishes.