Kim Richards Kim Richards

Kim Richards is opening up about her recent rehab stint.

A week after her April arrest for drunken antics at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star went to a rehabilitation facility to deal with her alcoholism. She has struggled publicly with addiction, including several showdowns with her fellow Housewives on TV.

She was ultimately charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery against a police officer.

Kim Richards officially charged in drunken hotel fight

She told Entertainment Tonight that by the time she was arrested, she was ready to go back to rehab.

"I really wanted to go to treatment, because I needed a break from what I was going through," she said. "My arrest was my 'A-ha, I get to go away now and rest, and take a break from all this.'"

And what about one of the more bizarre aspects of that night — the claim that she locked herself in the bathroom to resist arrest? A misunderstanding.

"I asked them on the way out if I could use the bathroom," she said. "When I went into the bathroom, it was to use the bathroom. I guess now they're calling it whatever they want."

She also revealed that she's been asked to return to Real Housewives.

Do you think she should go back to RHOBH, or would that endanger her sobriety?

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