Kevin Bacon by John Shearer/ Kevin Bacon by John Shearer/

While speaking with Kevin Bacon about this Monday's episode of The Closer, where he once again directed wife Kyra Sedgwick, asked for the actor's thoughts on the recently announced Footloose remake starring High School Musical's Zac Efron. "I've heard about it," says Bacon, "and it's great, but of course the truth is they're not really remaking the movie that I was in. They're remaking the Broadway musical [which premiered on the planks in 1998]."

In other words, what we have here is a situation exactly à la Hairspray, says Bacon. "You had a movie that was not a musical becoming a Broadway musical, and they make a movie of that."

Nonetheless, does Bacon find a certain added validation in that something he did so long ago keeps on dancing? With a near-chuckle, he answers, "Um, I can find validation other ways."

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