Kelly Clarkson courtesy Kelly Clarkson/RCA Records Kelly Clarkson courtesy Kelly Clarkson/RCA Records

Addressing talk that her forthcoming disc, "My December," has been less-than-warmly received by RCA Records overseer Clive Davis - to the point that a rumor circulated that the release has been snuffed all together - Kelly Clarkson says the sitch was "blown up" by the media. "Every record I've come out with, people have not liked," the original American Idol tells the AP. "There's always this battle, and it's not a bad battle to have. You don't want 'yes' people around you, and [Davis] and others at the label have been in the business longer than I have."

Kelly tells that at one point, RCA urged her to cover a Lindsay Lohan (!) track, and also offered "hand-me-downs" from other singers. Instead, she stuck to her own tracks: "I've never once compromised myself. [Because] that's when you start to lose fans and credibility."

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