Keith Olbermann Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann must be used to seeing blown-up bridges in his rearview mirror. His departure from cable network Current after just nine months is the latest in a series of ugly breakups with employers. So what are his job options now?

TV News
Not likely. The real problem for Olbermann isn't what happened at Current, but what didn't happen after he left MSNBC. When a network loses its highest-rated show, as MSNBC did with Countdown, you expect a ratings hit. But MSNBC's prime-time audience has grown by 7 percent. "He's committed the cardinal sin for talent," says one cable news producer. "He's proven he's not indispensable."

This would eliminate concerns Olbermann might have about the lights literally going out during his show (which was an issue at Current).

TV Sports
One producer believes going back to his roots is his best option. "I can see him working as the Yankee play-by-play or color commentator."

The Web
With a subscriber-based site, he'd be his own boss, à la Glenn Beck. "It would solve his management issues," says an ex-coworker.

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