Jennifer Stone, David Copperfield, Selena Gomez Jennifer Stone, David Copperfield, Selena Gomez

Friday night on the Disney Channel, The Wizards of Waverly Place will get a visit from arguably the most famous wizard alive today. Master magician David Copperfield, who rarely appears on television outside of his own spectacular specials, will guest star as himself on the tween comedy. And as this photo reveals, David will be swept off his feet by the show's young stars.

"I get zapped there when Harper [Jennifer Stone, left] becomes Cinderella and magical things take place," previews the magic man by phone from his Copperfield Bay resort in the Bahamas. "I get to do some close-up magic right before their eyes, but something goes a bit wrong."

Like any true magician worth his weight in bunny rabbits, David won't reveal his secrets, but insists what is seen in this photo "is not a camera trick. If you had been there live it would have looked the same way. I gave Selena Gomez [at right in the photo] a lesson and she definitely passed the Copperfield school of magic!"

Before he appeared on set to shoot his scene, David practiced the illusion at his live show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. And by the time it came to shoot, "it worked perfectly on the first take!"

David says he couldn't resist the opportunity when Disney extended an invitation. "I used to watch the Mickey Mouse Club when I was a little kid and was in love with Annette [Funicello], so I thought this would be fun to do." Plus, he'd also seen the series because he tries his best to "keep in touch with all things magical." 

The magic begins Friday at 8/7c on the Disney Channel.

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