Cybill Shepherd Cybill Shepherd

Attention Moonlighting fans. Cybill Shepherd is returning to ABC — and she's bringing Bruce with her.

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Before you get too amped up over a Dave and Maddie reunion, let me clarify: Cybill will be appearing in an upcoming episode of No Ordinary Family as mom to Julie Benz's character, Stephanie, a scientist who develops superhuman speed in the pilot (airing Sept. 28). Cybill's character, Barbara Crane, has a husband named Alan, to be played by Bruce McGill.

Though Mr. McGill may not be a Willis, he has some screen cred of his own, most recently recurring as Detective Vince Korsak on TNT's summer hit, Rizzoli & Isles.

At the Emmy Awards, I spoke with Julie who described her character's parents as being similar to her own — very protective and uncertain if any man is good enough for their baby. In other words, expect Barbara and Alan to be thorns in the side of Michael Chiklis' Jim Powell. "They don't know yet about what's happened to the family," says Julie. "So we have to decide if it's best to clue them in or keep them in the dark."

And if they get to be too annoying, super strong Jim can just hurl them out a window.

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