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This one time at band camp... Gleeks be sure to catch the September 26 episode of The Simpsons, when Glee stars Lea Michele (Rachel), Cory Monteith (Finn) and Amber Riley (Mercedes) get Simpsonized.

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"The episode's called Elementary School Musical — a bit of a take-off on something you might be familiar with," teases Monteith. "Basically, Lisa goes to band camp and meets the other campers. I play the role of Flynn, who likes to sing and dance."

John Stamos' smile lights up Glee — First look photo

Executive producer Al Jean tells me the story begins when Krusty the Clown wins a Nobel Peace Prize and Homer and Bart accompany him to Europe. "But it turns out the Prize is just a trick so they can get Krusty overseas to arrest him like Roman Polanski," says Jean. Back home, Marge feels sorry for Lisa, soswhe sends her to arts camp. Lisa and the Glee kids sing a reworded version of "Good Vibrations."

"It was such a huge honor to go into their recording studio, where they've been recording for such a long time," says Michele. "I'm still debating what's cooler — this or the opening number we did for the Emmys!"

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