<i>Bones</i> Bones

Early in its upcoming season, Fox's Bones will undergo a big transition as the investigative team finally closes the case on its greatest adversary. But as the dust settles, an even worse threat will emerge — and one fan favorite will not survive!

Watch for Deirdre Lovejoy to reappear for her final turn as murderous Heather "Gravedigger" Taffet, who has one last card to play after being convicted. Executive producer Hart Hanson says the same episode will introduce "someone much worse, who will dog us for the season." (A male will likely be cast as this new menace, to be given an ominous nickname like Gormogon and Gravedigger.)

Who could possibly be worse than the Gravedigger? "It's someone highly motivated to do great harm to our people — a personal vendetta," teases Hanson. "One of our characters will be a victim."

Though Hanson won't give up any clues, I'd be concerned about the actors playing the 'squinterns,' most of whom have increasingly busy schedules. I'm talking about Joel Moore (Colin), who's following up his role in Avatar with a full film slate; Ryan Cartwright (Vincent), who's shooting a pilot for Syfy; Carla Gallo (Daisy), who recently filmed the movie Coming and Going; and Michael Grant Terry (Wendell).

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