Katie Holmes Katie Holmes

Dawson must be so jealous. When Katie Holmes returns to TV on Oct. 21, she'll set her sights on another small-screen hunk: Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller). Sparks will fly between the nonprofit lawyer and the real-life Mrs. Cruise, who will also get a chance to show off her — who knew? — musical chops on the show.

"The thing I'm looking forward to most is people seeing Katie in a way they've never seen her before," says executive producer Marc Guggenheim. "The first time I heard her sing, I was like, 'Who are you?' She is a revelation."

Adds Guggenheim, "[She] knocked it out of the park" during her sultry performance of Duke Ellington's jazz classic "Hit Me With a Hot Note."

Victor Garber, who plays' Eli's Jordan, concurs with that assessment, saying that Holmes was "adorable, fantastic... unbelievable. People are going to be blown away by her."

Despite her status as bona fide Hollywood royalty — yes, daughter Suri was with her on the set — the 29-year-old was every bit as charming when the cameras stopped rolling. "She was really sweet and down-to-earth," says Guggenheim. "We filmed for about 16 hours on the first day, and she was a trouper." Adds Garber, "Everyone just loved her. She was incredibly professional and not in any way demanding."

Does this all mean that Eli Stone fans could be in store for a reprise? Says Guggenheim, "We'd love for her to come back. It was a great experience for us — and hopefully for her, too!" — Dana Meltzer Zepeda, with additional reporting by Anna Dimond