Kathy Griffin by Martin LePire/Bravo Photo Kathy Griffin by Martin LePire/Bravo Photo

Kathy Griffin, the self-described D-list comic, officiated at the wedding ceremony of two fans on Saturday.

The lucky couple is Brian Anstey, 31, a fifth-grade teacher, and Elka Shapiro, 29, a marketing director, who were married at the Queens County Farm Museum by the provocative comedienne, who told raunchy jokes on Brian and Elka's special day. "It's so unusual and something we'll always remember," Shapiro said.

"The request came in, and how could I say no?" Griffin told the Daily News. She was ordained by an online church, and completed paperwork to be able to officiate in New York state. Crews for Griffin's Bravo reality show, My Life on the D-List, filmed the 10-minute service, and will air Griffin's unusual gig as part of the series' fourth season, which starts in June.

Burning question: If her Emmy is her Jesus now, to which religion did Griffin just convert those poor kids? - Mickey O'Connor