Katee Sackhoff by Alan Zenuk/NBC Katee Sackhoff by Alan Zenuk/NBC

Katee Sackhoff wants to set the record straight. "I have no plans to leave Bionic Woman, and Michelle Ryan" - who fills the title role - "is doing a great job. There's not one ounce of bad blood between us."

Sackhoff, whose flamboyant turn as Sarah Corvus has overshadowed Ryan on the struggling NBC series, tells TV Guide that she absolutely did not diss either BW or its star at a recent convention. (News of the alleged cattiness came from a blogger who attended the sci-fi confab.) "It's sad," says Sackhoff, "because you want to connect with the fans, and then they throw it in your face in a negative light."

Sackhoff confides she's meeting with producers "to discuss my involvement in the show, which was pretty limited this year" - pre-strike, she was slated for seven episodes - "because of my obligations to Battlestar Galactica." Making clear she's "contractually obligated to a six-year deal" on BW, she insists she'd be "happy as a clam" to stay that long. "It's fun and it's a physical role, and god knows that's what I love to do." That said, "If they want to cut my involvement, that's totally fine. I understand that it's called Bionic Woman, not "Women." It would be nice to actually do a pilot season."

Available she might be. NBC hasn't called for additional episodes of BW, as it has done with fellow newbies Chuck and Life, so there's talk that last night's episode may have been an unexpected finale. - Ileane Rudolph

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