After a year-and-a-half of marriage — a time when many J. Lo-esque celebrity couplings already are history — actress Kate Hudson and husband Chris Robinson are going strong. In fact, the Almost Famous starlet still gets giddy at the mere mention of the Black Crowes frontman's name.

"He's truly amazing," Hudson gushes. "And he gets more amazing as our relationship goes on."

Her musician hubby — whose solo debut New Earth Mud is due out this fall — didn't always have it so easy. His much-publicized feud with brother/bandmate Rich and their hard rockin' lifestyle took a toll. But Robinson's hazel-eyed wife respects what he's overcome. "He went through a lot in his life," the 23-year-old admits. "He has dealt with a lot of things that you deal with as a musician who becomes a rock star... [especially] if he believes more in his music than being a rock star. Then, when you mix alcohol and drugs with that, you get an angry boy."

Robinson seems to have lightened up in the presence of this golden-haired Oscar nominee. That's good, since Goldie Hawn's daughter feels a sense of humor is an important quality in a man. "Believe it or not, he's really funny," she says. "There's something [nice] about being able to laugh all the time. Even when we can't stand each other, something comes out of his mouth that cracks me up."