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Ew, Ew, Ew! Justin Bieber's Dad Tweets About His Son's Penis

Is anyone really surprised Justin Bieber's dad is skeezy?

Jessica Roy

Please make it stop.

As if our eyeballs hadn't been assaulted enough by Justin Bieber's nude vacation photos, now his dad feels the need to comment on it.

Jeremy Bieber issued a tweet on Friday in regards to his son's, um, endowment. (And we don't mean the kind you make to Harvard.)

"What do you feed that thing," he tweeted to his son, adding "#proud daddy," and a smiley emoji.

Justin Bieber's lawyers want everyone to stop posting his naked vacation pics

Then he tweeted Justin a photo of a big brown dog with the caption, "he's a beaut." Uh, yeah, we're not quite sure what to make of this. It's not Justin Bieber's dog. And it's not the family dog Jeremy Bieber once allegedly threw off a second-story balcony. (He's a real stand-up dad in general.)

It's not entirely clear that it's a reference to his son's penis, but it seems like he's trying to make a reference to his son's penis. We don't want to know.

Fans responded to the photo with sentiments like "WHY" and "oh god" and "this is disturbing." We're inclined to agree.