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Jane the Virgin's Justin Baldoni Developing a Talk Show for Men

Because men needs to discuss hot topics too!

Megan Vick

Oh boy. Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni might be the latest TV stud to join the problematic fave bandwagon.

Baldoni, best known for playing Gina Rodriguez's unfathomably chiseled baby daddy Rafael on The CW soap, is developing a talk show called The Men's Room. He'll moderate the weekly panel series where he and five other men discuss "what it means to be a man today" with hot topics like fitness, marriage and parenthood.

"Men in our society have been socialized to suppress their feelings," Baldoni told Variety, who first reported the news. "We want to challenge men to open up and be OK talking to each other, and more importantly, form deep and meaningful relationships."

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The "yikes" factor of the pitch is that it implies men can't watch the abundance of talk shows already in existence and could potentially further the divide between men and women. The idea of a men's talk show that only caters to men also puts the image of a patriarchal bro-down in readers' heads. On the bright side, Baldoni recognizes upfront how the idea of a talk show for men could be found offensive and out of touch to some people.

Justin Baldoni, Jane the Virgin​

Justin Baldoni, Jane the Virgin

Robert Voets, Robert Voets/The CW

"We will probably get our fair share of negative feedback, but we think that's a good thing," he says.

To his credit, Baldoni has tackled many of these topics on his personal Instagram. He recently made headlines after posting a photo of himself and his father standing over his 2-year old daughter Maya throwing a tantrum in the middle of a Whole Foods. Baldoni captioned the photo with multiple paragraphs on how important it is to allow young children to fully embrace their feelings and never make them feel ashamed of them -- something his father passed on to him when he was a young man. Sites like Upworthy praised Baldoni for his progressive stance on public temper tantrums.

The actor also frequently posts about his marriage, his workout routines and his Bahai faith.

The Men's Room doesn't have a network attached yet, but Variety reports that Baldoni's production company Wayfarer will foot the bill for the pilot and the first few episodes in hopes of getting a "premium digital platform" to partner with for the entire first season.

Jane the Virgin returns Fridays this fall on The CW.

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