Billy Eichner of Billy on the Street is really good at getting A-list celebs to do insanely hilarious stupid stuff on the streets of New York City. In his latest stunt, he gets acclaimed actress Julianne Moore to take part in his craziness and the results are nothing short of eye-watering ROFLOL.

In the clip from Thursday's episode, Eichner somehow gets Moore on the streets of Times Square - an uncomfortable joke in itself, if you know anything about New York - to compete with Elmo and Spider-Man in getting bucks from tourists by reading script lines. Proving to be awesomely game, Moore reads from Magnolia,The Kids Are All Right and The Big Lebowski, swearing up a storm and crying on cue, stunning passers-by.

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Eichner remains irate through the whole thing that Moore has only one Oscar and, after watching this performance we're kind of mad too. Who can we call to fix that, stat?

Watch Moore go for the gusto below

Billy on the Street airs Thursdays at 10:30/9:30c on truTV.