Question: I am beyond thrilled about the new Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku project! You should get a bonus for that kind of scoop.

Answer: I couldn't agree with you more. And I haven't even told you yet what Joss told me about Eliza's leading man. Yep, a male character will be involved with her Echo alter ego, but, Whedon noted, "not in a buddy way. Their relationship will take some time to come together and will be constantly evolving." If you're thinking Buffy and Angel, Part Deux, think again. "Echo is not capable of having a true love," he insists, since she becomes someone new, body and soul, every week. On the other hand, he contradicts, because of that, in a way, "She'll have a true love every week. It's part of her plight that when she feels something strongly, it gets taken away from her. And the person she's closest to in the show, her relationship with him will not in any way be simple. Nobody in this piece comes away clean." Man, I'm confused already and I love it!