He's only been retired for two weeks, but Jon Stewart has already lined up his next hosting gig. No, he's not getting behind another desk...he's getting in the ring with the WWE.

Stewart will be hosting the WWE's 2015 SummerSlam, the WWE tweeted on Monday. Check out the epic announcement:

The annual event will be broadcast live from the Brooklyn Barclays Center on the WWE network beginning at 7/6c on Sunday with a pre-show airing at 6/5c.

Jon Stewart signs off from The Daily Show with a star-studded final episode

Earlier this year Stewart got in a "feud" with WWE heavyweight champ Seth Rollins. He taunted Rollins online leading the wrestler to crash The Daily Show. The two settled matters in the ring during an episode of Monday Night Raw back in March.

So if you're already missing Jon Stewart, we hope you like wrestling!