Jon Stewart has made up his mind about leaving The Daily Show and no one can change his mind....except maybe Donald Trump.

Stewart opened Tuesday night's Daily Show with an update on where the 2016 Presidential election stands, or as he calls it, "Democalypse 2016: Becoming a Fire Hazard." He joked that while Rick Santorum, George Pataki and Lindsey Graham weren't interesting enough as candidates to keep him at the desk, the idea of a Trump run is hard to resist.

"Guys, guys, guys...I appreciate the effort. My mind's made up," he said. "I'm leaving the show. I'm not staying."

When is Jon Stewart's last Daily Show?

Cue a clip from a news report that Donald Trump says he's considering a run for the Republican nomination.

Stunned, Stewart had a hard time containing his excitement, reminding himself he's made up his mind before suggesting a new way to stay in the conversation after leaving The Daily Show.

"Maybe I'll get a Twitter account," he suggested.

Check out Stewart considering "how much fun could you really have" covering the election, as he pokes fun at Santorum's "prop-filled" speech, Graham's knowledge of how "the Iranians are lying" because of working his family's pool room as a kid, and of course, Trump's "foolproof" plan to defeat ISIS.