Jon Lovitz was a cult fave as irascible movie reviewer Jay Sherman on the animated series The Critic. Now, this former Saturday Night Live regular is sparing the silver screen, instead turning his evil eye on reality TV shows!

"I don't like them that much," Lovitz plainly tells TV Guide Online. "But, the first Bachelor I thought was pretty fascinating. That I really got into. I couldn't believe that the women were taking it this seriously and crying over somebody they didn't know. Even after six weeks, you couldn't know the person.

"It is ridiculous," the 46-year-old actor adds. "I couldn't believe it, but I liked seeing that house they were at because I'd seen it before and I thought, 'Oh, I wanted to buy that house!'"

Lovitz's new movie, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (opening Friday), spoofs Fox's Celebrity Boxing in its opening scene. He's got a gripe with that show's concept, too. "I think it is kind of humiliating," he says. "I look at it from an actor's point of view and it's like, 'They have to do it [for money].' But then, Manute Bol did it because he doesn't care and he's doing anything to raise money for his country. So then, it's kind of noble."

What would the cranky critic like to see on reality TV? "Well, [men] just want to see a bunch of girls in one house — and in the shower. That's what they want to see, and I did a survey on that." Somebody oughta tell this guy about Paradise Hotel.