Fans of the late John Lennon are calling for a boycott of Chapter 27, a critically hailed (yet not picked up at Sundance) look at Mark David Chapman (played by Jared Leto), claiming its release would fulfill Chapman's prophecy of becoming famous by murdering Lennon. Some protesters are even lobbing death threats at Lindsay Lohan, who costars in the film. "It's nonsense," exec producer John Flock tells the New York Daily News, pointing out that Chapter 27's take on Chapman is not sympathetic, and "he comes off as a monster in the end."

Elsewhere, Lohan is back at work on her stripper pic I Know Who Killed Me, but, post-rehab, is said to be "moody," "late" and "miserable" on the set, spies tell the New York Post. Also, out of fear of pushing herself too hard, La Lo has bailed on her next project, A Woman of No Importance, in which she was to costar with Annette Bening.