It's been a long time since we've seen Sara, but she's finally back!

On Wednesday night's The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon brought back his memorable teen girl persona for another edition of "Ew!," a chat show skit set in Sara's (Fallon) basement. Her close friend Addison, played by WWE superstar John Cena, dropped by to dish on the latest in teen gossip including Addison's very important text conversation with her crush Braden and how handsome she thinks Steve Martin is.

However, the highlight of the skit had to be their dance routine set to Bruno Mars' "Finesse" which was interrupted by Sara's awkward stepdad Gary, who has become a fan favorite of these sketches. Bringing the funny with his criminally incorrect pop culture references, Gary expressed his excitement about hearing the new "Bryan Mars," a singer whom he seems to have confused with Lou Bega after singing a few bars of "Mambo No. 5."

If that didn't leave you with secondhand embarrassment, his cringe-worthy impromptu song about making sushi probably did.

Watch Gary, Sara and Addison in all of their comedic glory in the video above.

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Jimmy Fallon, John Cena; The Tonight ShowJimmy Fallon, John Cena; The Tonight Show