Get those bed sheets pulled all the way up to your nose for this one. John Carpenter, the demented master of horror responsible for such feature frights as The Thing, Halloween and Vampires, is developing a new series for Syfy.

Carpenter is adapting his anthology book series Tales for a Halloween Night, which featured short stories from various horror writers, for the niche network, according to Deadline. Multiple editions of the collection have been published, each with a dozen stories for the TV series to pull from.

The boring business-y end of this news is that Carpenter has signed a development deal with Universal Cable Productions, meaning you can see "John Carpenter's" before several shows in the NBC Universal gang, including Syfy, NBC, Bravo and let's hope MSNBC.

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Deadline also says that Carpenter is in the early development of Simon R. Green's Nightside books. The series imagines a mysterious netherworld that resides underneath London.

On the TV side, Carpenter participated in Showtime's Masters of Horror, and — get this — composed the theme to CBS' Zoo.