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Fox still hasn't confirmed whether Steven Tyler will be sitting behind the judges' table on American Idol come January, but bandmate Joe Perry isn't at a loss for words about the idea.

During a recent interview with the Calgary Herald, Perry seemed unsure he'd have a job with Tyler's new gig. "He's signed a contract that's taking him out of the music business for up to seven months of the year — that kind of throws a wrench into things," the Aerosmith guitarist said.

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While it's hard to imagine Aerosmith without its lead singer, Perry says he won't wait around for Tyler. "[You've got] four guys that are great together, and if you find the right singer, there's no reason you can't go and entertain people," he added.

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The 59-year-old wasn't shy to voice his opinions on the singing competition show. "It's a reality show designed to get people to watch that station and sell advertising," he said. "It's one step above [Teenage Mutant] Ninja Turtles."

Needless to say, Perry makes it pretty clear he doesn't want to be involved. "I'll tell you one thing, when we put this band together, this is not something that [Steven Tyler] would do," he said. "It's his business, but I don't want Aerosmith's name involved with it. We have nothing to do with it."