Access Hollywood is hearing from reliable sources that Gwen Stefani will perform (not her incredibly lame-o new single, I hope) on the Mar. 28 edition of

American Idol, and that Jennifer Lopez will put in an appearance of her own on Apr. 11. What's more, the TV newsmag says the speculation is that the "special" something Fantasia will announce on this Thursday's show is not "the biggest thing" to hit Idol in five years by any stretch, but merely that she is [ yawn] joining the cast of Broadway's/Oprah Winfrey's The Color Purple, which has been saddled by poor ticket sales ever since the holiday tourist crowds dissipated. Speaking of Idol, may I brag (to those who missed it below but are nonetheless susceptible to awe) that I missed the date for Ryan and Simon's first homoerotic exchange (Cowell calling the host, "Sweetheart") by just two days?