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Jessica Jones: Here's How Kilgrave Returned to Season 2

It was SO creepy

Lindsay MacDonald

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 2 of Jessica Jones. Read at your own risk!)

Jessica's (Krysten Ritter) journey is Season 2 ofJessica Joneswas, in many ways, even more personal than in Season 1. Instead of hunting down the man who abducted, imprisoned and raped her, she was hunting her own mother. Deciding how, when and if she could turn her mother into the police created a story arc that somehow managed to rival the greatness of her mission to end Kilgrave (David Tenant).

But death couldn't stop Kilgrave completely, and he appeared in Season 2, however briefly, to remind us of where this story started. It also paralleled nicely with the theme of Season 2, that just because someone's dead, it doesn't mean they don't leave a mark on you for a long time after.

"[The idea to bring back Kilgrave] came during the writing process as we were breaking all the stories and the story lent itself to, cried out for, that character," showrunner Melissa Rosenberg said. "It was always borne out of story. You've seen the episodes of various television [shows] or movies in which some beloved character pops back in really just to be there -- and for advertising! And it always feels like that. It's sort of the arbitrary there's our favorite character from season blah, blah blah. And so this had to be very organic to the storytelling and it was."

In Episode 11 of Season 2, Kilgrave appeared as a hallucination after Jessica accidentally bashed in the head of the prison guard that was terrorizing her mother.

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Amidst the panic and self-recrimination and all those little voices in her head telling her she was evil, Jessica heard one very familiar voice that offered up a solution: "You have to make it look like a suicide."

Yep, whatever remnant of Kilgrave that still existed in Jessica's subconscious reared its ugly head to help her kill without getting caught -- something he always specialized in. Jessica went to work cleaning the scene, wiping her fingerprints down and writing a suicide note. She then took the body to the top of the roof and dropped him right on his head, covering her crime.

And Kilgrave was right there, applauding her villainous behavior. SO CREEPY!

For the rest of the episode, Kilgrave haunted Jessica, telling her how proud he was of her and even singing Trish's (Rachael Taylor) little "Cray-Cray" jingle . Not even her childhood street names coping mechanism could make him go away.

Eventually, he tried to entice her to kill Karl (Callum Keith Rennie) and embrace her new life as a villain and a murderer, but Jessica's will was too strong to give into those darker parts of her mind. She spared Karl, only to have him commit suicide by blowing the building (and all his research) up while still inside.

That hallucinations ended when Jessica realized that though the urge to kill was inside of her, she was not like Kilgrave or her mother because she could control it. And thus, Kilgrave left with a foreboding, "I'll be around if you need me."

Who wants to bet that's not the last we'll see of him?

Jessica Jones Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

David Tennant, Jessica Jones

David Giesbrecht/Netflix